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Staywell Locking Big Cat Door

Staywell Locking Big Cat Door

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Staywell Locking Cat Flap

Staywell 4 Way Locking Magnetic Cat Flap

Staywell Magnetic Cat Flap


A PetSafe Cat Door lets your cats come and go, as you please; so you can put an end to late night trips to let your cat out...AND, no more scratched doors or walls. No more "accidents" on carpets and drapes.

Pet owners love our doors because the flexible, two way panel is safe for any cat. The soft vinyl flap won't trap or injure tender paws, ears or tails...AND, the permanent magnets assure you of a draft-free, energy efficient closure. The translucent vinyl panel makes it easy to train your cat to use a PetSafe Cat Door. Once your cat has learned about its new freedom, your cat will set its own schedule-and not be dependent on you to let it in or out. Your cat will come and go freely, so it can get exercise outside, yet come inside for shelter from heat or inclement weather. Please review our complete line of cat doors.

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